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Redefining your lifestyle as “The Modern Parent”

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As a mother, you might be asking yourself a lot of questions during this stage of your life – what do I do, how do I do this, or what’s going to happen next?!

We understand that there are times that you may feel frustrated and a bit overwhelmed that you think you’re not doing enough and that there are so many things you still need to know. And sooner or later, you find yourself stumbling on YouTube watching different videos, or reading a lot of books to help you get through this phase.

Motherhood isn’t easy, and it is definitely not a step-by-step process. The key is that you need to learn and adapt with it. Right now you are probably asking… how? How can you embrace the life of being a new mom if you have absolutely no idea of what it’s like?

Let us tell you now that motherhood will be an adventure of a lifetime. So don’t let yourself get caught up in following a specific formula on good parenting. To let you in on a little secret… there is NO formula, especially when it comes to being a mother!

Just know that motherhood has its ups and downs, success and failures, but there is definitely a happy ending through it all.

This is where we, Made in Nine, steps in. To support you and all the mothers out there, we built a community that is designed to help all women face their fears and struggles of being a new mother.

Made in Nine is more than just your ordinary baby brand. We are here to support you on your new journey as a parent and redefining the way others and you see yourself.

We want to help you redefine your lifestyle as “The Modern Parent”. Welcome to our world – Made in Nine


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Redefining your lifestyle as “The Modern Parent”